10/01/10: Kickerplan 0.75b released
What is Kickerplan?

Kickerplan is a simple tournament administration software which was initially written to manage foosball tournaments, but can of course be used for any other kind of tournament as well. It's written in Javascript+DOM to provide a simple and cross-plattform interface. By now, it supports a basic Single-KO, Double-KO and a group-mode.
Additionally you can use your own MySQL database to Store and Load your serveral tournaments. If you don't have (or don't want to use a DB), the data can also be stores in a cookie.
Who needs Kickerplan?

Kickerplan was intended to help anyone who wants to create his own little tournament and is tired of writing anything down to paper. (Between you and me: How lame is that? ;-)
The main target was to keep it simple and mostly self-explanatory so really anyone can use it. It is just as easy as paper-sheets!
What do i need?

In genral: Nothing else than a suitable Webbrowser (like Firefox, Opera or Safari... No, sorry: We don't support IE)
If you want to use the DB functionality, you need a running Webserver (like Apache httpd) with PHP (>= 5.2) enabled and a MySQL database. But: All this stuff is completely optional!
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